BOLD Pediatric Therapy Center

About bold

We offer a variety of services including:

Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Physical Therapy
Assist in physical movement and coordination
Support sensory processing to fully engage in the world
Build social interaction and communication
Manage behavior responses with environmental and self-regulation strategies
Promote reading and writing
Facilitate participation in routines including self-cares and mealtimes
Address feeding and eating challenges


Resources & Education

We provide resources and education to support your role as a parent and confident advocate.



We empower children and families to live BOLDly! ​We will listen to you and your child as a valued member of your team.


Functional Skills

Episodes of care focus on functional skills through natural play. Treatment goals promote successful participation in daily tasks within a variety of environments.

A BOLD Child Clinical Philosophy

  • There is no one who knows your child better than you do. We will listen to you and your child as a member of your team.
  • Consistent parent involvement is vital. You will help create an individualized plan to support your child's functional skill development.
  • We utilize evidence-based interventions, innovative treatments, and collaboration.
  • Clinician's are highly trained and credentialed to provide the optimum level of care.
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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday : 08:00 am – 06:00 pm
Saturday :Closed
Sunday :Closed