About Speech Therapy

Speech therapists work with children to improve language understanding and expression, speech sound production, social communication, and cognitive-communication.

At BOLD, our speech therapists work with children and their families to support and facilitate growing communication. Whether it is with words, signs, facial expressions, gestures, or augmentative and alternative communication, our goal is to teach your child how to communicate effectively.


Treatment Sessions

We believe in using highly-motivating and developmentally appropriate activities to engage your child and make therapy fun.

This means sessions involve play, following the child's lead, and using preferred activities/objects.

​We also believe in making therapy functional and personally relevant to you and your child to promote success outside of the session. This is done through providing parent coaching, integrating therapy into daily routines and activities of daily living, and taking advantage of home, clinic, and community settings.


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday : 08:00 am – 06:00 pm
Saturday :Closed
Sunday :Closed